I’m Rachael – I’m a 23 yr old cat-mother living in the Midlands, UK, and I’m too sick to be at work at the moment. I have a blog so I can rave about good things (my cats, LUSH products, and food), rant about bad things (the British government, as well as sexism, ableism, and all of the other -isms), and talk about what life is like when you have both mental and physical disabilities.

I have generalised anxiety disorder, emotionally unstable personality disorder, and depression. I also experience (currently unexplained) seizures and suffer from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes pain and fatigue all over my body. I’m unable to walk without walking sticks and can’t get very far without exhausting myself, so I generally sit around at home and try to keep myself busy.

I’m a massive fan of crafts, especially painting, scrapbooking and sewing (check out my etsy store, The Felt Animal Factory). I like going out (when I can) with my ‘big camera’ (a Canon 500D) to take photographs, mostly of animals and other sorts of nature. I also like baking (and eating, obviously). Oh, and I bang on about self care a lot because it’s super important.

Contact me using the form on the contact page, or find me on other social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) by clicking on the icons on the right-hand-side menu. I always love a good ol’ chat 🙂